Hungarton Parish Council

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Clerk: Andrew May
Hill Rise, Barley Leas
Hungarton, Leicestershire

Tel: 0116 259 5304

Burglaries/Housebreaking in Hungarton

Following on from a recent spate of attempted/successful burglaries/housebreaking attempts in the village, the PC learned that a villager has now had their locked shed forced open and expensive equipment stolen.

The PC urges villagers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior as well as taken precautions to secure their properties including outbuildings.

Information on reporting crime:

Contacts for reporting crime and disorder in your area.

999 – If there is a direct and immediate threat to life / limb or to property or prompt attendance is required to catch suspects in the act of committing a crime, or have just committed the crime and are in the vicinity

101 – for every other non-emergency situation - for example where no immediate police response is required or does not require police attendance at all. You can also report online at

Posted: Mon, 13 May 2019 10:35 by Andrew May

Tags: Police