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Street Lighting

Posted: Sat, 01 Dec 2018 10:14 by Andrew May

After what seems to have been an ongoing saga of epic proportions, Hungarton has finally managed to convert all it's street lights to use low energy bulbs. This is something that the Parish Council have been trying to achieve for years and also something that was strongly supported at the Annual Parish Meeting.

Having the new lights gives us an opportunity to look at the way the street lights are used, particularly after midnight. Because these lights are centrally controlled by Leicestershire County Council, we have the opportunity to consider the following lighting options between Midnight and 5.00am: More »

  • Leave the lights on at full power
  • Dim the lights, say to half power
  • Switch the lights off altogether

The move to low energy lighting will substantially reduce our energy consumption but obviously, if we dimmed or switched off the lights the reduction would be even greater.

The Parish Council would be interested in hearing views from villagers on this subject.

This article is also on our website which we encourage everyone to have a look as it contains a lot of local information such as road closures, local crime statistics etc.

Andy May
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Police Statistics Sept 18

Posted: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 16:17 by Andrew May

August 2018 | September 2018

All crime | 141 | 138

Anti-social behaviour | 21 | 19

Bicycle theft | 0 | 0

Burglary | 11 | 9

Criminal damage and arson | 10 | 16

Drugs | 5 | 5

Other crime | 2 | 3

Other theft | 20 | 17

Possession of weapons | 1 | 1

Public order | 11 | 11

Robbery | 0 | 1

Shoplifting | 7 | 12

Theft from the person | 0 | 0

Vehicle crime | 11 | 12

Violence and sexual offences | 42 | 32

New Police Inspector

Posted: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 10:22 by Andrew May

Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 8:52 AM
From: "Roy Rudham"
Subject: New Inspector for Harborough, Melton, and Rutland

Issued on 29/10/18 at 12:29 p.m.

A new Inspector has taken over the role as commander for the Eastern Counties Neighbourhood policing area covering Harborough, Melton, and Rutland.

Inspector Siobhán Gorman takes over from Inspector Gavin Drummond who has been head of Eastern Counties for the past three years and is moving to join the Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB). More »

Inspector Drummond said: "Since joining the NPA in 2015 I have had the privilege to work with some hugely committed and dedicated people who are truly passionate about making our communities a safer place.

"There have been lots of highlights over the last three years including the hard work of several agencies in ensuring that Melton achieved the accolade of being the first town in Leicestershire to receive the prestigious Purple Flag award in relation to its safe and enjoyable night time economy.

"My teams in partnership with the community safety teams have worked hard to try and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) as well as protecting vulnerable people. I have been pleased to see that out determination to tackle drug use and related ASB has resulted in a number of recent arrests, recovery of drugs and money and the closure of repeat problem locations.

"Other highlights include some outstanding contributions from our local volunteers including the development of our heritage watch volunteers who support local historic buildings and sites from theft and criminal damage, our group of Melton CCTV volunteers for winning the outstanding team performance award and our amazing volunteer Roger Petchey who received a lifetime achievement award for his services to policing.

"I have been lucky to serve the communities of Market Harborough, Melton and Rutland and will always fondly look back at my experiences over the last three years."

Inspector Siobhán Gorman joined Leicestershire Police in 2002 as a patrol officer based at Charles Street police station. She has worked in a variety of roles during her career, including police response, investigation and proactive policing. Her personal highlights include her role as beat officer in the St Matthew's Estate along with Braunstone Beat Sergeant in Leicester.

In addition, Inspector Gorman has performed the role of Deputy Commander both at Spinney Hill and the City Centre. Prior to this, she was a Patrol and Resolution Inspector.

Inspector Gorman said: "I am looking forward to building on the great work that's already going on in Eastern Counties and getting to know everyone. I am really passionate about Neighbourhood policing. For me, it's important that we understand the entire community and their needs; to build positive and strong relationships and to work with others to problem solve.

"Rural communities bring a different set of challenges and I want to ensure that we focus as a team on the issues that matter most to people living in Harborough, Melton, and Rutland. I have a dedicated team of officers and volunteers who want to deliver the best we can to ensure all our community feel safe.

"I am delighted to take up this new role and encourage you to contact the team here with any community concerns you may have or if you wish to join our team as a volunteer to help shape the area you live and work in."

Roy Rudham





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